Introduction to public policy

Sharing my views on public policies and public policies in other areas, how issues crop up after public policy is implemented and my thoughts when the word government comes in my mind.


1) Public policy is meant for the citizens/society in general. Public policy is normally focused from a macro level. A public policy directive will affect the society or people at large. The public policy will have the legal sanction and the people affected are expected to act within the framework of law prescribed. For example; petrol prices hike, which will affect all the vehicle owners at large or an increase in the price of milk or milk products which will affect all the milk consumers, etc.

Where as the policy making in other areas is restricted to a small section of people and the decisions will be at micro level. For example; certain decisions taken at family levels or in a small official atmosphere. These decisions normally lack legal bindings and is more of a personal nature.


2) Normally the issues will get the attention from the government when there is a huge upsurge or an agitation , where in the aggrieved party will start ventilating their feelings through a public forum. We can see them clamoring for justice and normally when such agitations goes beyond the control of governing authority, the issues will get the attention from the government.


3) – The adequacy of financial resources in policy making decisions always run short. It is necessary how best the available resources are put into best use for reaping maximum returns.

– Starting of a new industrial venture is expected to have the necessary infrastructural support which is almost inadequate .

– The customer expects value for money for the things he buys. It is expected of a policy enacted by the government would provide value added services /products to the citizens where each one will have the stake in the society.


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