Bengaluru Maintains The Casualness(BMTC) on road

Yes! you heard that right. It was again one of the usual strikes called by  BMTC  for increasing their salary. I am not a big fan of buses as I have to race with them on road ,of course most of the time I am the winner but again I had to race with another BMTC standing next in line. phew! endless race where a Lilliput is trying to win against all odds.

My brain started to think in a similar way on strike day where I felt the road to be free and it will be a cake walk for drivers like me.

I sat in my vehicle, wore seat belt, and I started to feel like Michael Schumacher. For the first time my heart and mind were having a healthy conversation, a voice in me said “go for it ,its your day on road!!”

As I started , for the first time my vehicle started talking to me. Oh! I cannot forget the sweet engine sound and the music I played on radio was nothing less than  me driving on a smooth surface. I stopped blaming BBMP for bad roads, no road rage, all vehicles on road were cooperating with each other. Suddenly there was a villain in my dream world.

A cow!! The break inspector on duty with other subordinates. They were munching grass on road and seemed like inspecting who is wearing seat belts and who is not wearing helmet! Slowly they moved to a nearest bus stand to take shelter. I hope they don’t claim that area tomorrow and ask government for “Right to livelihood”.

There were few people who were sleeping on the benches of bus stand. What a place to relax!? Eat, drink, smoke and lie down.

Then I witnessed BBMP workers working on the street lights, as if they will not get this freedom of checking on lights on other dates.

I was making my way to reach the place I wanted to , there was sudden urgency by truck and few private buses saying” here we are to spoil your party”. With a bit of struggle I finally completed my journey.

At the end I realised that BMTC is not that bad in terms of creating traffic congestion. We are incomplete without them, yes we have to struggle on road but in some way we got immune to it.




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